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  • Air Purifier for Smoke

    Air Purifier for Smoke

    What is the best Air Purifier for Smoke? How to remove smoke from your home? Year by year, you find yourself more cramped up in a corner of your home, trying to hide from the damnation that wildfires inflict on your community. Sadly, there’s only so much hiding one can do. With the wildfire season getting longer,1 smoke starts to creep inside and bear...
  • Air Purifiers Helping Schools Reopen

    Air Purifiers Helping Schools Reopen

    What makes the perfect portable air purifier for school classroom use? This month, 153 students from New Hampshire, studying at Nute High School in Milton, are now breathing in purified air, thanks to our portable UV-C air purifiers.  Made in the USA out of solid steel and a life-time guarantee.
  • COVID-19 & the FDA on Air Purifiers

    COVID-19 & the FDA on Air Purifiers

      While TRACS has not tested on SARS-CoV-2 specifically, TRACS devices do meet the performance criteria recommended by the FDA guidelines for use in reducing exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in healthcare settings.    No air purifier can promise to prevent human beings from getting a virus. We strongly recommend you review information provided by the government for information and resources related to COVD-19.   SUMMARY:...
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