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Attention all online resellers, drop shippers, home influencers, affiliate marketers, Industrial Hygienists, HVAC Contractors, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, and Facility Managers! 

TRACS Manufacturing is a leader in residential and commercial air purification systems, producing high-quality, American-made air purification machines. Our devices make a perfect addition to any building that requires improvements to air quality. This makes TRACS purifiers an extremely in-demand product.
As we expand our business, we’re looking for partners to help sell our top-of-the-line air purification devices.

What does this mean for you?

We will be paying a commission directly to you for every sale we make from your referral. Your involvement can be as simple as:

  • Referring us to a new customer and letting our talented sales people close the deal
  • Becoming a stocking distributor of our exceptional products.

How Does Your Partnership Work?

Because we are flexible with our marketing partners, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. 
Our goal is to have a conversation with you about our products and our marketing ideas so that we can agree on a mutually beneficial campaign and rate of commission.
That being said, our goal is to be easy to work with! The basic process is as follows:

  • Home Influencers and Affiliate marketers: You give us a name or you drive traffic to our website with your blog, content, or social media; we convert that name or traffic into a sale; you make a commission
  • Industrial Hygienists, HVAC Contractors, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, and Facility Managers: You refer our products to your clients and/or tenants and with every sale we make from your referral, you’ll make a commission 

  • Online Resellers, Drop Shippers, and potential Stocking Distributors: Our products are high-quality, dependable, and in high demand—the profit potential is outstanding! We value your expertise, and your contributions to our industry.  By compensating experts in our field in order to help us market our products, we all win!

Discover how easy and profitable it can be to become a TRACS Manufacturing partner, and unlock your earning potential today!

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