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Our three-stage air purification system features:

CarbonWeb® Pre-Filter

We use D-Mark's patented CarbonWeb® pre-filter: When purifying air, both particulate matter and gaseous/vaporized compounds must be removed. Activated carbon is used only to adsorb materials that are in the gaseous or vaporized state; materials that cannot be removed by particulate filters. Activated carbon has proven itself to be the most effective means of odor and pollution control available because of its high affinity for a broad spectrum of chemical compounds.

Activated carbon will adsorb numerous chemical compounds, and preferentially adsorbs them to moisture. Here is a partial list of gases that are of concern in air purification systems and can be removed with activated carbon:

Organic Compounds: Acids, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Esters, Ethers, Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Mercaptans, Amines.

Inorganic Compounds: Halogen Acids, Halogens, Sulphuric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide, Phosgene. Miscellaneous: Human and Animal Body Odors, Cooking, Foods, and Waste Odors.

TRACS® UV-C Technology

We patented the technology of placing UV-C lights with a wavelength of 254nm on the dirty (inlet) side of the HEPA filter to destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and more.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) employing UV-C light has been used as a means of destroying airborne bacteria and disease for years. Airborne microorganisms have been shown to be destroyed when subjected to certain levels of UV-C light at certain wavelengths (254nm).

Click here to read a scientific report on how UV-C light inactivated airborne human coronaviruses

TRACS® Medical-Grade HEPA Filtration

Our individually certified medical-grade HEPA filters with 80 square feet of media, removes harmful dust, particulates, allergens, pet dander, and more as small as 0.3 microns in size at 99.99 percent efficiency. The TRACS Portable UV-C Air Purifier has the highest amount of particulate matter filter media in it's HEPA filter than any other brand.

While IQAir® has approximately 50 square feet, Blue Air® approximately 28 square feet, and the Molekule particle filter has around 3 square feet of particulate filter media. The more square feet of particulate matter media results in a filter that can capture more matter before needing to be changed.
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TRACS® Portable UV-C Air Purifier

TRACS® Portable UV-C Air Purifier is a portable, multi-stage air purifier that combines medical-grade HEPA filtration which removes 99.99% of air particulates, activated carbon filtration to remove odors and gases, and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV-C light) technology known to disable viruses and bacteria.

Read a recent report on how ultra-violet germicidal irradiation works by clicking here

Covering up to 1000-sqft, our advanced technology, quiet operation, and low-cost maintenance helps make TRACS® the air purifier of the future.  The TRACS® portable UV-C air purifier is the only medical grade air purifier made in the USA out of solid steel with a life-time guarantee.  

Features Include:

  • Commercial quality portable version of our medical grade ceiling mounted air purifier installed in hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Medical grade HEPA filter traps bacteria and viruses
  • CarbonWeb® pre-filter removes odors and toxic gases
  • Four-speed inverse impeller fan features "Whisper Mode"
  • Indicator lights let you know exactly when to replace lamps and HEPA filter
  • Purifies the air in up to 1000 sf every 20 minutes
  • Made in USA of solid-steel, welded together, with a powder-coated finish
  • Lifetime warranty on the Frame, 5 year warranty on everything else
  • 30 Day - 100% money back guarantee
  • Read more details and technical specifications below
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