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Breathe with a peace of mind

We Craft Filtration And Engineer Our Future

All our products have one thing in common, technology we originally patented that shines the UVC light on the intake side of the HEPA Filter, extending the life of the HEPA and lowering your operating cost. Our highly reflective UV Kill chambers deliver high dosages of UV Radiation to destroy even some of the most difficult microorganisms on a single pass. Larger Kill Zones = longer residence time for the UV Lights to kill microorganisms.

About Us

Guard Against Virus

We pride ourselves in using only the highest grade HEPA Filters on the market, with 99.97% or 99.99% efficiency at .3 microns. In fact, our Portable EZ Air and UV-C units contain 80 Square feet of HEPA Media, now you can understand why our HEPA Filters can last up to 2 years. High Efficiency Filtration coupled with the correct UV Dosage in our TRACS UV model is 18,415 microwatt sec/cm2, allowing it to destroy smaller bacteria and viruses.


Breathe the freshness.TRACS purifiers are all made in the USA

Committed to offering the highest quality and most effective air cleaners on the market today. By combining innovative and highly efficient technology with easy maintenance, TRACS Manufacturing creates a new standard for residential, commercial, and medical air treatment.

About Us

Why You Should Buy

TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System (no UV-C lamps)

  • For large rooms up to 1000 sqft
  • Activated carbon filter
  • HEPA filter lasts 2 years
  • 4 speed control including “Whisp-Air”


or $999

TRACS® Portable UV-C Air Purifier

  • For large rooms up to 1000 sqft
  • 3 stage air purification
  • Activated carbon filter eliminating VOC’s
  • HEPA filter contain 80 sqft of media-largest in it’s class
  • Highest UVC dosage 18,415 microwatt sec/cm2


or $1,199

TRACS® Model TM900 Pro Industrial Air Purification System

  • For large For large spaces up tp 4000 sqft
  • Long life HEPA filter
  • Variable speed control
  • 92W of UVC light at 254nm
  • Available in nagative/positive air flow.


or $5,999

TRACS® Model TM500 Ceiling Mount UV-C Air Purification Systems

  • For large For large spaces up tp 4000 sqft
  • 3 Stage air purification
  • Variable speed control
  • 92W of UVC light at 254nm
  • Available in nagative/positive air flow.


or $2,999

Our Promise

We’re doing our part to lower the carbon footprint: All our products include Activated Carbon Filters used to absorb materials that are in the gaseous or vaporized state, proving itself to be the most effective means of odor and pollution control. We use only HEPA Technology, none of our products use Ionization technology that releases charged ions into the air and when free ions interact with oxygen molecules in the air that they form Ground-level Ozone. Ozone-free! Not only do our air purifiers not emit ozone, they destroy it.

Made in USA!
Latest technology
Free Shipping
HEPA certified
5 year warranty
30 day money back

TRACS air purifier currently provide quality air to

With more than a decade of experience and breakthroughs, TRACS stands proven as a dependable air filtration company and developer of highly effective air filtration equipment and clean air solutions.

What Clients say about us

Keeps On Running For Years

I purchased a TRACS purifier back in 2004 and it is still running strong. I recently purchased new filters and light bulbs for it. For what you receive, the price is excellent. I researched many other products before I purchased a TRACS. The other ones couldn’t measure up to TRACS. I like the easy maintenance of replacement filters and UV-C light bulbs.

Tristan Olsen

I would recommend

I only gave 4 stars but I would definitely recommend and understand it was a easy fix mistake. I ordered 2 UV lights. Shipping was good and I was informed on when I should recurve it with tracking. Unfortunately I received 2 filters instead. I called up and they were very apologetic and said keep the filters for free and we will send the UV bulbs out and to follow up with them on the next business day to make sure they sent them out. They sent me tracking information and I received them a few days later. I will definitely order from TRACs again.

Nicole DiCarlo

Best air cleaner

I have owned quite a few air cleaners. This is the best I have ever owned. It does a super job.


Well Made Product

I’ve had my TRACS purifier for a few years now. It’s built like a tank. Maintenance is easy and it gets the job done. The UV-C lights give peace of mind as it destroys current and future bacteria and viruses. The only downside I can possibly think of is the price; otherwise I would love to have some more of these throughout my house. That being said, I think the one I have is definitely worth every penny and then some. TRACS has earned a customer for life. Thank you!

Michael Jager

Quiet and Effective

I am very happy with my Tracs. It is quiet but noticeably purifies the air.



Sturdy, quiet, effective. Our family owns three for well over ten years, and used them in multiple dwellings and cities. Dust, mold, pet allergies. Easy to change filters and UV bulbs. Appreciate the steel construction, made in USA

Thomas C Smucker

Great Feedback

At our restaurant, we purchased a TRACS Portable Air Purifier, to do anything we could to make our guests feel comfortable in a dine-in setting. While we have outdoor dining too, many people still prefer indoors. We’ve had such great feedback from our clientele for having this unit in place. And our staff feels much better having it too.


Nice touch for the classroom

Gives extra piece of mind for me and my students. The larger sticker is way too big, but I don’t mind having the smaller one around for people to see.

Kathryn Mattice

Wish I had a new one!

I bought this unit years ago when working in an unventilated office in an urban hospital to prevent me from getting sick. It was more about the UV filter than the HEPA for me at that time. Now I live in CA and I really need this for air filtration during fire season. Unfortunately the unit got damaged (ironically by moisture) and since using oil to get the fan unstuck, the air doesn’t smell fresh when I run it.

Nancy S

Peace of Mind

We bought TRACS® Air Purifier when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer. We put it upstairs in our house to purify the air in our bedrooms. It is easy to set up and use and has given us a peace of mind over the last few years. My husband no longer has cancer and purified air is something to help keep it that way.

Leanne Burgess

Great product

Our family owns a few of these units and they are very well made. We have seasonal and dust allergies and it has worked very well for us. A portable one and other more compact sizes would be great!


Effective Product

I have owned three of these units for the past 10 years and have never had a single problem with them. I have one on each level of my house. Prior to owning my present home, I had a whole-house air purification system and I find it much more effective to have “local” air purification at several points in the house where we do most of our living. It costs me $60 per unit annually to change out the filters…a small cost to pay considering we have allergy issues.


TRACS UV-C Air Purifiers are Made in the USA

Ensuring only the highest quality purifiers and to meet the incredible demand for the TRACS Portable Air Purifier with UV-C Technology, TRACS has combined forces with American Quality Manufacturing to bring better quality and safer air to you!

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