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Air Purifiers: what schools should know before purchasing?

Air Purifiers: what schools should know before purchasing?

It has never been more important for schools and other institutions to keep their air clean, healthy, and safe. But the least expensive air purifier might end up costing more to operate in the long run. Schools and other learning institutions have never had so many choices when it comes to air purifiers, or so many questions. Exactly what does an air purifier cost to run? How much electricity does an air purifier use? Taking everything into consideration, what is the best commercial air purifier for schools? 

Too often, school administrators compare the cost of purchasing an air purifier without diving deeper and learning what they can about long-term operating costs. That’s understandable: these days, it can be difficult to treat every purchase as an investment. Take a step back, though, and your air purification system is a wise place to make an exception.

Most of us have heard the old saying, probably from an older relative, that they’re not rich enough to buy cheap paint. Or a cheap car battery. Or—you get the idea. The same is true of air purification. You can find units built overseas that cost as little as $250, and your annual budget might thank you. But for an upfront savings of a few hundred dollars, you’ll likely be setting yourself up for a much more expensive ride. Imported air purifiers nearly always contain the thinnest possible HEPA filters, which will need to be replaced every six months to two years—often at a cost comparable to what you paid for the entire unit. That’s to say nothing about the lesser reliability and efficiency of units built as quickly and cheaply as possible.

operating cost rating of air purifier

Tracs purifiers are engineered and built entirely in the US, at our own facility. We use medical-grade HEPA filters rated to last up to five years. We’ve even heard from customers that our filters alone can weigh nearly as much as an entire air purifier sold by our competition. When our filters do need replacement, we sell them for just $149. Meanwhile, you’ll be saving energy each day thanks to our efficient designs and quality manufacturing. All told, our carbon and UVGI air purifiers cost an average of just $154 per year to operate. That’s the lowest operating cost of any comparable air purifier on the market.

Be Sure Your Air Purifier is Built to Last

Cheap air purifiers will save you a few dollars now, but will they be able to stand up to a classroom environment? If kids can jump on it, kick it, or knock it down, they will. That’s part of the fun of being a kid, but it’s no fun for schools who have to get the most out of their infrastructure investments. 

Tracs air purifiers are housed in all-steel cases, and are durably welded together, just like the old metal desks some of us remember from elementary school. This gives them a bit more weight than most air purification units, but our heavy-duty casters make them easily portable. 

We’ve been making air purifiers since 2008, and some of the first units we sold are still in service. We want to sell you the last air purifier you’ll ever buy. We’re happy to submit any model you choose for pre-bid testing, and we think you’ll like what you see when you line us up directly against the competition.

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