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Air purifiers are needed to provide fresh air, while also reducing the chances of individuals acquiring certain health issues that could be caused by pathogens swirling around in the air.
Quality air purifiers eliminate a large number of different indoor air pollutants, keeping a large portion of individuals safe and out of harm’s way, in regard to hazardous respiratory infections and potential neurological issues.
Now, there are two main air purifiers that are used to filter the air within our residential households and our commercial office buildings, HEPA filters and Ionizers, which can also be referred to as an ionic air purifier. Through specific and particular research, experts have found that HEPA technology air purifiers are an all-around better air purifier when compared to ionizers.
Here, we will discuss what sets the HEPA filter apart from the ionizing air purifier and why the HEPA filter is truly the best choice, in regard to getting fresh and clean air directly delivered straight into your awaiting lungs.
Back in the 90’s, ionic air purifiers were all the rage, due to the fact that they were the newest and most innovative air cleaner on the market. However, as the use of technology has increased and research has been conducted, HEPA air filters have become much more popular.
Now, regarded as the most common type of air purifier that is purchased throughout the world, the HEPA air filter has been shown to perform at an incredible standard. Careful and specific research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that HEPA air filters greatly enhance air cleaning whenever it is seen as possible, especially when these types of filters are placed in higher-risk areas such as a doctor’s office or a medical building.
HEPA filters are the air purifiers of choice in these types of high-profile cases, due to the fact that Ionic air purifiers or Ionizers are filter less air purifiers, meaning that they do not remove bacteria and harmful particles floating around in the air effectively. Health professionals have proved that ionic air purifiers are known to be ineffective in removing the smallest, yet most dangerous particles that can be found within the air. These are the particles that can easily be sucked into your lungs, ultimately causing detrimental health problems instantaneously or somewhere down the road. 
As schools begin to open up worldwide after the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, school board members are met with the hard task of deciding how they will protect their students. A study by Harvard health researchers have stated that prioritizing the use of HEPA air filters within schools, rather than ionizers, will greatly reduce the risk of students acquiring the deadly virus. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) even reported that it is important for school system to utilize only the HEPA filtration. The researchers from MDH went on to state ionizing air purifiers produce ozone, meaning that these types of air purifiers are overall a detriment to the health of everyone that may be within the vicinity of one.


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