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TRACS® UV-C Air Purifiers are Made in the USA!

December 2020 Update:  TRACS Manufacturing has combined forces with American Quality Manufacturing to meet the incredible demand for the TRACS Portable Air Purifier with UV-C Technology.  Read more about importance of Made in the USA here.

Since 1995, American Quality Manufacturing has produced all-steel medical devices and indoor tanning equipment.  AQM's expertise in manufacturing and superior quality production processes ensures timely delivery of the TRACS air purifiers during a global pandemic.

Since 2008, TRACS Manufacturing has been committed to offering the highest quality and most effective air cleaners on the market today.  By combining innovative and highly efficient technology with easy maintenance, TRACS Manufacturing creates a new standard for residential, commercial, and medical air treatment.

When we first started this company our focus was on hospital and laboratory applications.  The TRACS medical grade air filtration systems offer hospitals, clean rooms, and medical facilities versatility in dealing with new and old high risk infection control concerns.  Portable, ceiling mounted, and ducted HEPA and UV-C air systems help hospitals comply with CDC, NIOSH and OSHA guidelines for air quality and purification of isolation rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and other critical care areas. 

We soon noticed, however, that were was void in the residential and commercial air cleaning market for an affordable HEPA air cleaner that performed at hospital-required efficiency.  We therefore took the same technology used in our hospital units and developed the TRACS and EZ Air product lines for people with allergies, chemical sensitivities, airborne pathogen/mold concerns, or those who just want to breathe clean air.

TRACS® and EZ Air® operate at the same efficiency as our hospital units, in that the air exhaust is tested and certified on every unit to be at least 99.99% efficient at .3 microns.  We patented the location of the UV-C lamps (254nm) in our TRACS® units so the UV-C light shines on the dirty or ”collection” side of the HEPA filter to destroy trapped molds and microorganisms.  This process makes the TRACS® UV-C Mobile Air Purifier and EZ Air Purification system unlike any other air purifiers on the market today.

TRACS Air Purification Systems are Made in the USA!

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