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  • HVAC Ionizer Reviews

    HVAC Ionizer Reviews

    HEPA vs Ionizers. Many air purifiers today come with ionizers, and while these features help to boost a unit’s air filtration rate, they also emit ozone and other chemical by-products. These purifiers have been widely discredited in recent months; Boeing, for example, tested the units and found they did not show “significant disinfection effectiveness,” and scientific studies have failed to find support for claims being...
  • Air Purifiers: what schools should know before purchasing?

    Air Purifiers: what schools should know before purchasing?

    It has never been more important for schools and other institutions to keep their air clean, healthy, and safe. But the least expensive air purifier might end up costing more to operate in the long run. Schools and other learning institutions have never had so many choices when it comes to air purifiers, or so many questions. Exactly what does an air purifier cost...
  • HVAC Upgrade for Covid 19

    HVAC Upgrade for Covid 19

    New HEPA system mounts directly to ceiling’s exposed ductwork Tracs Manufacturing LLC, makers of the most effective, innovative, and convenient air cleaners on the market, announce the first three-stage HEPA system designed to mount directly to existing exposed ductwork. The Tracs TM500 and TM950 ceiling-mounted air purifiers are built in the US and ship free of charge to any US address. The new models...
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