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Air Purifiers Made In The USA

Air Purifiers Made In The USA?


We are very confident you will be 100% satisfied with our American made air purifiers with patented UV-C technology because it is Made in the USA!  But you may be asking yourself: "what does made in the USA really mean to me?".

When you buy the sleek looking, space-age designed air purifiers from China, you are buying molded plastic with the smallest screws and thinnest wires holding them together. You can expect most Chinese made air purifiers to last a few years as best. The TRACS air purifiers will last your life-time, your kid's lifetime and their kid's lifetime. How can we make this claim? Keep reading...



The TRACS air purifiers are made of solid steel.  As demonstrated in this video below of the TRACS manufacturing shop, we begin the building process with flat steel (18 gauge) and "punch out" the patterns needed for the interior and exterior frame construction of our air purifiers. 

This is truly the "old school" approach to the manufacturing process reminisce of construction techniques of the US steel industry during the 50s and 60s when Craftsman tools offered a life-time guarantee.



The TRACS air purifiers are welded together by hand.  You may never find an air purifier made in China which is welded together. The TRACS air purifier metal frame is welded together by skilled craftsmen inside and out as demonstrated in the video below.

This construction technique gives us the utmost confidence in our product line and the ability to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our air purification systems. Both our portable and ceiling mounted air purifiers are made using this same welded-steel technique.



Once the entire frame has been welded together by highly skilled craftsman, the welds are sanded down for a smooth finish. This is American workmanship at it's finest.

This construction technique ensures our metal frames will last a few life-times and gives you peace of mind. Keep America strong by buying products Made in the USA, like the TRACS Air Purifiers with patented UV-C technology.



The TRACS Air Purifiers with patented UV-C technology are built the old-fashioned way: with solid steel, welded together and a powder-coated finish.

Ever wonder what a "powder-coated finish" actually means? To explain further, the metal has a negative grounding strap attached to the frame. While a spray gun loaded with a positive charge on the nozzle coats the bare metal. See the video below.

The electrical charge created by the current running from the spray gun nozzle through the metal to ground, ensures 100% complete coverage as the powder is electrically "attracted" to every inch of exposed metal. The large racks of powdered metal is then rolled into a huge oven where the paint is "baked" into the metal at high temperatures.

This "powder-coating" technique is used for outdoor furniture and other applications where rust is a concern. If you are employing our air purifiers indoors, imagine how long this finish can last.



The final assembly process is completed by hand by our technicians who have worked at our company for years, ensuring the highest quality assurance standards.

Inside the TRACS air purifiers you will fine a 4-speed high quality inverse impeller fan (made in Germany), a pressure switch with front panel indicator light to let you know when to replace the HEPA filter, and warning lights to let you know when the UV-C lamps are out.



The final step is testing our air purifiers for efficiency. Watch this YouTuber test the TRACS Air Purifier with patented UV-C technology against 10 smoke bombs. After testing, he completely destroys the HEPA filter to demonstrate exactly how effective 80 square feet of HEPA material can be.

We are very proud of our construction technique used on our TRACS air purifiers and wanted to demonstrate our methods here to potential buyers. This is what Made in America looks like!

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