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Air Purifier with HEPA and UV-C Technology Perfect for Assisted Living Centers

Why you should purchase a UV-C Air Purifier for your elderly relatives in assisted living centers


Humans go through a mysterious life cycle


 picture of air purifier for daycare centersWe enter the world as vulnerable, codependent babies. Our naïve immune system stands no chance against the big world of pathogens.


TRACS manufactures UV-C air purification systems for assisted living centersAs we mature, we gain strength and achieve independence. Our strong arteries carry hot blood all through the body. We feel immortal. 


TRACS manufactures uv-c air purifiers for assisted living centersIn time, our once so elastic skins dry off, and our hearts just can’t pump that vigorously anymore. Our weakened, fibrotic lungs carry us back to a state of vulnerability. We are, once again, in need of protection.


It is our moral duty to care for our elders…


... Just as they cared for us when we needed them most. 


Our elderly loved ones deserve access to comfortable nursing homes, our unconditional love, and healthy lifestyles. 


Health is in the air we breathe


Seniors are at great risk of developing several conditions that can be ameliorated or avoided by increasing air quality:


asthma is treated with uv-c air purifiers pneumonia and infected lungs are helped with the TRACS uv-c air purifiers copd is treated with TRACS uv-c air purification systems  
asthma pneumonia   COPD*
cerebral and stroke issues can be helped with TRACS uv-c air purification systems allergies can be reduced by using a TRACS uv-c air purification system
 strokes allergies



Chronic respiratory conditions further lower immunity and pave the way for opportunistic respiratory infections.


Elders in retirement centers and assisted living facilities are more likely to get infected by breathing air that was contaminated by other residents.


How you can help your loved ones breathe better air


Installing a silent TRACS® Portable UV-C air purifier in their room strongly increases the air quality and overall respiratory wellness.

       Asthma and allergy attacks decrease in frequency. As the air is recirculated through the device, the medical-grade photo of air purifier with hepa and uvc technology for assisted living centersHEPA filter retains dust, pet dander, pollen, and other common allergens, while the CarbonWeb pre-filter removes toxic gases and odors.


       Lower stroke risk. Ambient air pollution with particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns has been proven to increase the risk of ischemic stroke.i Our air purifiers retain 99.99% of particles bigger than 0.3 microns.


       Smaller chance of viral and bacterial infections. COPD makes a senior’s lungs and airways more sensitive to opportunistic infections. The UV-C lamps inside the air purifier radiate on the HEPA filter and inactivate almost all viruses and bacteria in the air.


One of our clients, Emma, purchased one of our units for her mother, who lives in a nursing home. Her review:


‘’Both me and my mother feel that she’s more protected inside the nursing home since I got her the air purifier. She used to catch colds a lot, and we were worried she will also get sick with the new virus, but she hasn’t got sick at all since we bought the purifier. She says the air also feels more pleasant when breathing. To be honest, I wish the rest of the residents also got purifiers for their room, because that also lowers the risk for my mom.”


Don’t wait for the cold season to affect your loved ones. Protect them properly with a TRACS UV-C Air Purification System!


assisted living air purifier with hepa and uvc technology





* Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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