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Best Air Purification System for Cancer Patient's At Home Care

What is the best air purification system for cancer patient's at home care?  

  We believe it is the TRACS portable air purifier with HEPA and UV-C technology.  Learn why here:

Our immune systems are the guardians of our health: a myriad of different cells and molecules collaborate in their battle against pathogens. 

Take, for example, a bacteria that has entered your oral cavity. The battle starts: antimicrobial enzymes in your saliva, such as lysozyme, begin to attack the bacterial wall. Your tonsils catch and filter some of the bacteria, while the respiratory tract starts to produce mucus to trap pathogens and prevent them from entering the lungs. Coughing and sneezing help driving bacteria out of your system. 

Next, blood carries leukocytes (also known as white blood cells) and macrophages directly to the bacterial site. These cells swallow and destroy the intruders, keeping your organism healthy.


White blood cell chasing and swallowing bacteria                                                


 But cancer can slow down the immune response

  • As a tumor develops, it redirects more energy and nutrients towards itself, depleting the body of some of the resources it needs for an appropriate immune response.
  • Some types of cancers directly reduce the number and function of white blood cells:
  • Lymphomas force immature white blood cells to keep dividing and never actually reach maturity. It means they are unable to fulfill their function.
  • The origin of blood cells lies inside the bone marrow. Leukemia, myeloma, and other cancers that start in the bone marrow produce abnormal cells that crowd the functional blood cells until there are very few left to defend the organism.
  • Apart from cancer itself, some cancer treatments can also severely interfere with the immune system: ▪ Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery
  • Lastly, the stress and natural feelings of unfairness can lead a cancer patient to become immunocompromised.


Protecting a loved one from opportunistic infections

If a loved one is immunosuppressed, it means they are at a greater risk of being affected by airborne viruses and bacteria inside the house. 

photo of the best air purifier with hepa and uvc technology for cancer patient's at home care

Hospitals offer superior air quality in cancer, AIDS, and other susceptible patients’ rooms with HEPA filter air purifiers. Installing an air purifier inside your home will minimize the threat of pathogens and mimic hospital conditions.

We offer medical-grade purification systems that are proven to remove airborne pathogens at 99% efficiency. 

With its multi-stage air cleaning formula, the TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System silently removes bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and noxious or odorous chemicals from your home.

The air cartridge composed of earth minerals will chemically inactivate most air pollutants, and the medical-grade HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter will retain pathogens and allergens such as pet dander.

UV-C lamps installed above the HEPA filter will then radiate continuous ultraviolet light directly on the bacteria and viruses, generating mutations inside their DNA or RNA and leading to their biological inactivation. UV-C light can, under no circumstances, escape outside the device.


TRACS® Portable Air Purifier with Patented UV-C Technology is the best air purification system for cancer patient's at home care!

photo of an air purification system for cancer patient's at home care


Peace of mind with truly clean air


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