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TRACS® 25W UVC Disinfection Lamp Ozone Free Models TM500, TM950, TM1250

  • Price is for a Pack of 4
  • 25W UVC Replacement Lamp (254nm) for TRACS® TM500, TM950 & TM1250
  • TRACS® UVC Bulb Lifespan is typically 9,000 hours
  • Model TM500- requires a Quantity of 2
  • Model TM950 and TM1250- require a Quantity of 4
  • We recommend replacing all of the UV-C lamps at the same time
  • These UVC lamps shine on the dirty side of the HEPA filter to kill airborne viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms
  • Please wear masks and gloves when changing lamps and filters, place immediately in plastic bags and dispose of properly

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